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QuietGlue Pro from INS Acoustics is guaranteed to suit your DIY requirements. It’s manufactured to be a high performing soundproof material, cushioning any excessive volumes within the home or business. The QuietGlue Pro is an innovative soundproofing glue that can be used for several applications.

When used between two layers of plasterboard, our acoustic ceiling quiet glue provides sound dissipation with just one layer of glue, making it a highly efficient choice when it comes to soundproofing your property.

How does it work?

The way the acoustic ceiling quiet glue works is straightforward; when a sound hits a wall, the plasterboard flexes. Once the plasterboard absorbs the sound, the plasterboard will flex back and forth to radiate the sound. The QuietGlue Pro will then dampen the sound and convert it to friction, creating a quieter, more comfortable property.

What can the QuietGlue Pro be used for?

Our acoustic ceiling quiet glue is not only for ceilings, it can be used to soundproof walls and floors too. You can also use the QuietGlue Pro for new builds and renovation projects, it provides a suitable solution for minimising volumes.

The acoustic ceiling glue can also be used to secure wooden and plasterboard surfaces, preventing them from transferring volumes from one room to the next.


The QuietGlue Pro is proven to offer higher noise reduction when compared with other soundproofing counterparts, making it the product of choice for many.

Unlike other products, the acoustic ceiling quiet glue doesn’t require any specialist training. It’s one of the easiest materials to work with and allows you to complete tasks quickly.

In terms of cost, the QuietGlue Pro is affordable for all budget requirements, providing you with the best value for your money.

For more information about the lab tested (ASTM D3273) QuietGlue Pro, fill in the quick enquiry at the bottom of the page or call us on  0151 677 8650!