Over Screed Resilient Acoustic Floor Underlay and Floor Sound Insulation

Floor Sound Insulation together with acoustic underlay’s we supply to suit almost any domestic or commercial application which can be laid over the entire floor or specific areas.

The purpose of the acoustic floor underlay is to prevent the transfer of excessive volumes but to provide a protective layer for screed too. Our over screed resilient acoustic layer is used beneath floor finishes, offering underfoot comfort as well as sound reduction.

Acousticork Floor Sound Insulation

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If you’re looking to improve the acoustics within your property, the Acousticork resilient acoustic layer is ideal. Manufactured to the highest quality, this acoustic underlay is perfect for sound dampening, ultimately creating a more comfortable property.

Acousticork is best installed to floating floors, whether it be in the hallway or areas of heavy footfall. If your concrete walls echo, this acoustic underlay will eliminate any tension and instantly make your home feel more welcoming.

There are several benefits associated with the Acousticork underlay, it offers sound reduction and thermal insulation. Our acoustic floor underlay can also provide high durability and resilience, suiting any properties that require high-performance underlay.

Unlike any other acoustic underlay, the Acousticork underlay is 100% recycled, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

As well as this, it’s easy to handle and install, providing you with greater convenience.

iNSpira Sound Acoustic Underlay

iNSpira Sound Acoustic Underlay.pdf

This is a resilient acoustic layer that is ideal for any commercial or residential installation. The rubber cork is used to absorb sounds to enhance the acoustics of your property.

As an acoustic membrane, the INSpira sound acoustic layer is perfect for any concrete floor, preventing any echoes but also making sure that you get more out of your flooring before it starts to show signs of wear and tear.

With this acoustic floor underlay, you needn’t worry about it being installed neatly because the membrane prevents any bridging, ultimately preventing any expensive repairs or replacements.

Our INSpira over screed resilient acoustic layer is designed to provide minimal impact on the environment, especially global warming and the ozone layer.

Like any of the products we supply, the INSpira underlay is guaranteed to provide you with the best value for money when preventing the transfer of impact and airborne sounds!

iNSpira Acoustic Matting

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The INSpira acoustic underlay is used above plasterboard to make sure that your flooring is up to standard. As well as this, it can be laid over timber and concrete structures to improve airborne sound insulation.

Our INSpira acoustic matting, allows you to keep sounds to a minimum, whilst maintaining high-quality standards. This resilient acoustic layer is suitable for any home, hotel, gymnasium, healthcare building or educational building.

If you’re looking to improve the sound insulation of your property, the INSpira acoustic matting is ideal. As a sound absorbent material, it can instantly enhance comfort within a room, providing additional cushioning and preventing the spread of high volumes.

Our acoustic floor underlay is one of the simplest products to lay, suiting almost any floor finish. It’s also designed to be adjustable, making it easier for you to cut to a suitable shape and size.

iNSpira Tri-Lay Acoustic Underlay

iNSpira Tri-Lay Acoustic Underlay.pdf

When choosing a high performance acoustic layer, you needn’t look any further than the INSpira Ti-Lay acoustic underlay that we supply, here at INS Acoustics!

Our acoustic underlay is best used under carpets to add a layer of protection to the floor screed. Perfect for timber and concrete floors, the Tri-Lay resilient acoustic layer is one of the best in its calibre. Not only can it reduce any airborne or impact noises, it can provide a comfortable underfoot for when you walk over it.

The INSpira Tri-Lay acoustic layer can limit the transfer of sounds through the floor. As well as this, it’s manufactured to be easy to work with and can be installed beneath timber and concrete floors quickly.

At INS Acoustics, we supply the over screed resilient acoustic underlay to suit the requirements of all customers, so no matter how big or small your budget is, you’re bound to find cost-effective acoustic underlay.

For more information about the resilient acoustic layers we provide, contact us today!