Acoustic Rating

The Silence Booth’s Design has a cabin sound insulation performance, greatly meeting the standard of acoustic environment index and a Design value NR30dB (±5dB)/RT0.75s (±0.1s).


Framework: It is made of aviation aluminium, carbon composite panels

Body: Booth insulation panel is covered with Korean-made nanometer PP facing, which obtains high resistance to friction, pollution, ultraviolet rays, fire and moisture. Various choices of surface make assimilate into different environment

Tempered Glass

It is made of tempered glass, which is used for the compartments of the subway trains.

Internal Finishing

The interior material caters to the NSUL MARSHALL ACOUSTIC simulation design, 60% equivalent area of cabin is covered by Polyester Fibers sound absorber. In order that broadband could responseto these special partial materials, the technology integrates active reflection sound from 40%equivalent area.

Floor Finishing

Based on non-vulcanized butyl rubber, covered by adhesive PE staple fiber weaving surface and attached to contact-type overhead cushion, modular felt is moisture-proof, anti-mildew, easy to clean and maintain. The material and design of it has successfully presented an acoustic model that fuses sound absorption, insulation and damping vibration altogether.


Equipped with 4000K natural light color temperature LED central lighting system, 150Lsx could greatly meet the requirements of normal applications. If there is any particular purpose, a backup power supply is equipped inside the cabin.

Power Socket

The cabin is applied to 100-220V/50Hz and 12V-USB power supply system, complying with common equipment and energy environment standard.


Low noise exhaust system with maze-like layout could reduce sound interaction inside and outside the cabin, simultaneously refreshing internal air in 3-minute operating efficiency.


Dimension: 1000mm(W) x 550mm(L) x 700(H)

Table Thickness: 30mm