Acoustic Wall Panels and Absorbers for Walls and Ceilings

Acoustic wall panels help reduce sound waves that bounce off many walls and objects in a room creating echo / reverberation. The amount and the intensity of reverberation depends on how many or how few sound absorbing wall panels, acoustic wall tiles or acoustic diffuser a room is made up of. For instance a typical home theatre or cinema room is usually comprised of timber flooring or carpet, plaster and very little else in regards to sound absorption. The theatre space of course would need to maintain a professional and aesthetic look.

Sound absorbing acoustic panels are designed to reduce reverberation and echo within an interior space.  They are particularly effective in the transformation of theatres, assembly halls, school classrooms and halls where high acoustic absorption, combined with an aesthetically pleasing appearance is required.

Their ease of application and durability make them ideal for fitting to ceilings with minimum loss of height. INS Acoustics will also supply the recommended fixings to adhere these panels to the wall or ceiling depending on application.

The acoustic panels can also be used to satisfy Part E of the Building Regulations for the reduction of reverberated noise in common areas of multi-occupied buildings.

Acoustic Panels are designed to provide effective and affordable acoustic treatment for rooms such as a home theatres, studios, restaurants, nightclubs, halls, offices, conference rooms in fact any indoor or enclosed areas where reverberation and noise is an issue.