Acoustical reflectors or diffusers are implemented to evenly distribute sound to avoid areas where sound quality is either weak, too excessive or cannot be heard clearly. Acoustic diffusion or sound reflection helps to provide wider sound coverage for speech and music and are often used to improve speech intelligibility and music clarity in theatres, assembly halls, auditoriums, recording studios and classrooms.

Sound Reflectors or diffusers effectively reduce interfering reflections in any one particular direction by helping to distribute the sound more evenly across the space.

Idea Wave Acoustic Diffuser Panels



  • Enhance the acoustic environment

  • Enable sound to be widely and evenly distributed

  • Neutralise undesired reflections and possible interference with recording equipment or loudspeakers

  • Acoustically effective and decorative at the same time.

  • Control floating echoes without reducing wave's intensity

Kinetics Ovation Reflector Panels

Ovation Reflector Panels.pdf
Layout Guidelines.pdf
Installation Detail.pdf

Designed for large spaces requiring improved sound directivity, strength, and timing of reflections from the ceiling area, this product is perfect for auditoriums, lecture halls, and performing arts centers.