Product Information

Acoustic Barrier Type WB EPDM.pdf


The 2002 WB EPDM acoustic barrier is exactly what you need if you’re looking to absorb sound. Our WB EPDM/BS barrier is versatile in the sense that it can either be used as a single layer or a composite layer for absorbing sound.

The main purpose of the WB EPDM acoustic barrier is to reduce the sound transmission between the roof, floor and walls, however, it can be used for pipeline applications too.


The 2002 WB EPDM acoustic barrier can be found as a sheet or a roll and is one of the most flexible materials to use. You’ll find the WB EPDM acoustic barrier in a variety of weights, suiting your specific applications.

Here at INS Acoustics, we supply the WB EPDM barrier to provide you with a cost-efficient solution, whether you need the material for domestic or industrial purposes.

The self-adhesive backing makes the WB EPDM/BS more convenient to work with, allowing you to lay it accurately and efficiently.