Product Information

Akustik Ceiling Hanger.pdf

Here at INS Acoustics, we provide the Akustik ceiling hanger which is designed to provide suspension for ceilings. The compact ceiling hanger is manufactured from rubber, so you needn’t worry about it being affordable!

The main purpose of the Acoustic ceiling hangers and roof hangers is anti-vibration, significantly improving performance. As well as this, the Akustik ceiling hanger is perfect for dampening vibrations and isolating machine vibrations.

Our Akustik ceiling hanger can reduce noise attenuation, making your property more comfortable. Any of the products from the Akustik hanger range are manufactured to the highest quality standards, therefore they’re guaranteed to provide noise insulation!

The Akustik ceiling hanger is made to be highly-resistant to impacts and stresses, offering a load capacity of 650kg. The metallic frame also incorporates an anti-corrosive coating, ensuring that you receive the best value for money.

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