Soundproof Barrier Insulation for Walls

Acoustic Barrier Type WB.pdf

Soundproof Barrier Applications

INS WB Acoustic Soundproof Barrier material can be used as either a single sound barrier layer such as a noise curtain, or as part of a composite combined with sound absorbing materials such as mineral wool or foam for soundproofing materials. Commonly utilised in roof, floor and wall sound reduction applications to reduce transmission of airborne and impact noise.


INS WB Acoustic Barrier is simple to install either direct to the noise source or in conjunction with a spaced layer; the product can be laid directly. The acoustic barrier can be fixed in place by mechanical means i.e. pins, hangers or banding, or bonding using a polyurethane based contact adhesive (INS type A7153). Alternatively a solvent based acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (INS type A419).

For WB Acoustic Barrier material supplied with a self-adhesive backing, it is important to ensure that the surface is clean and free from dust and grease. After aligning the barrier material, peel back the release paper and adhere to the surface. Note, self adhesive versions should not be relied on as the only method of support when fixing in a vertical or inverted position and additional mechanical means of support must be employed.


  • Available in sheet or roll form

  • Flexible and easily cut

  • Easy to handle and install

  • Available in three standard weights

  • Provides a cost effective sound barrier solution

  • Available with self-adhesive backing or Class ‘O’ foil facing