Building Isolation

Here at INS Acoustics, we specialise in high-quality structural isolation, providing protection against impact sounds and vibrations. As well as this, we supply structural isolation to suit domestic and commercial properties, reducing shock vibrations which can cause a disturbance.

Some industries generate immense volumes that can be disruptive, hence why building isolation is needed! When it comes to preventing sound pollution, you cannot go wrong with the industrial soundproofing isolation bearings that we supply, here at INS Acoustics!

Sound pollution is something that often cannot be avoided, however, we provide the building isolation to cushion volumes, making it more practical for your workforce.

Our building isolation is designed to suit any business, ultimately improving quality as well as making it more comfortable, can you afford not to invest in the building isolation that we supply?

The building isolation offers a high level of acoustic isolation and can soundproof any industrial setting, As well as this, you can reduce the transmission of sound and improve the quality of your building.

For more information about our building isolation and industrial soundproofing isolation bearings, speak to our experts today!




DB_vibrafoam_SD10.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD16.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD26.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD40.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD65.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD110.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD170.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD260.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD400.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD650.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD950.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD1300.pdf   DB_vibrafoam_SD1900.pdf



DB_vibradyn_S75.pdf   DB_vibradyn_S150.pdf   DB_vibradyn_S350.pdf   DB_vibradyn_S750.pdf   DB_vibradyn_S1500.pdf

Tabiasorber Vibration Isolation Material

Tabiasorber Vibration Isolation Material.pdf

Under Screed Resilient Acoustic Layer

iNSpira IsoSlab HighLoad.PDF

iNSpira IsoSlab Soft.PDF

Structural Bearings

Structural Bearings.pdf