Structural Steelwork Isolation

Looking for a solution to isolate vibrations? Look no further than INS Acoustics. Here at INS, we manufacture the structural steelwork isolation to suit the requirements of any industry, ensuring that you find something suitable.

We provide the structural bearings to prevent vibrations and shock impacts, allowing you to keep volumes in your home or workplace to a minimum. If you’re looking for a custom solution, you needn’t look any further than INS Acoustics, we cater for the most diverse needs and wants, making sure that you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Our steelwork vibration isolation material is designed to require less maintenance, guaranteeing extra support and stability.

The structural bearings that we provide are designed to be strong, lightweight, durable and flexible, preventing the downward transmission of vibrations.

For more information about our structural bearings, speak to one of the experts today!  


Vibrafoam Vibration Isolation Material


Structural Bearings

Structural Bearings.pdf

TG Bolt Isolation Grommet

TG Bolt Isolation Grommet Submittal.pdf