High Performance Areas

Any areas that are prone to shock, vibration and impact noise could benefit from the rubber flooring that we supply at INS Acoustics.

Our rubber flooring is tailored to suit the requirements of any gym or dance school, offering a suitable solution for any noisy area. The acoustic mats are designed to prevent the transfer of sounds, whether it be from aerobic classes, exercise equipment or music.

The main purpose of the leisure flooring is to prevent the spread of unwanted sounds across the entire building, ensuring that there are minimal disruptions to other classes or areas. If you’re looking to tackle impact noise, you cannot go wrong with the high-performance flooring that we provide.

Our flooring mats are perfect for cushioning the sound of weights hitting the floor, resistance machines and treadmills causing vibrations and aerobic classes playing music at high volumes.

Here are a few of the products that we supply at INS Acoustics for leisure buildings:

iNSpira Acoustic Matting

iNSpira Acoustic Matting.pdf

The INSpira acoustic mats are innovative, they are suitable for any high performing areas and are designed to reduce the acoustic impact of any equipment or other shocks and vibrations.

By installing one of our rubber mats, you’ll notice a significant improvement in sound insulation, ensuring that the transfer of sound is reduced. Our gym and dance acoustic mats are perfect for problem areas that are susceptible to high volumes and movement.

The high-performance flooring can enhance safety and efficiency, but these aren’t the only advantages!

INSpira acoustic matting is one of the easiest products to work with; it’s easy to cut to shape and size, providing a perfect fit for your dance studio or gymnasium. As well as this, it can be installed under almost any floor finish, bringing your facilities up to standard and isolating excessive volumes.

iNSpira Tri-Lay Acoustic Underlay

iNSpira Tri-Lay Acoustic Underlay.pdf

Here at INS Acoustics, we supply the Tri-Lay acoustic underlay to improve the insulation of sounds. They can be laid beneath almost any surface including concrete and timber.

When it comes to isolating screed, the acoustic membrane allows you to reduce sound effectively. Our leisure flooring is supplied in easy to handle sheets, making installation quick and easy when improving the quality of your leisure flooring.

If you’re looking for maximum acoustic performance, you cannot go wrong with the Tri-lay acoustic underlay that we provide.

INSportmat Elastic Rubber

A high-performance area requires suitable flooring to enhance sporting performance. Choosing the INSportmat elastic rubber will allow you to reduce the risk of injury by maintaining safety standards.

There are several benefits of the INSportmat rubber flooring; it’s made to be durable and elasticated, making it more practical to fit to your building.

As gym and dance acoustic mats, the INSportmat is designed to absorb shocks and impact noise, offering a professional, protective finish to any area that uses noisy equipment.

Whether you’re looking for rubber flooring for your sports arena, fitness centre or gym, INS Acoustics can provide the INSportmat elastic rubber to improve the sound insulation within your building.

The elastic rubber mat is ideal for studios that are used for aerobics or gym classes, providing protection for athletes. It’s designed to resist impacts to prevent any serious injuries and can also prevent sounds from travelling throughout the building- making it suitable for areas that require peace and quiet (i.e. Pilates or yoga classes).

This type of leisure flooring is designed to be environmentally friendly, can you afford to miss out?


We supply this flooring for areas of high performance. It’s a PU coated rubber mat that can easily be installed beneath any floor finish, offering all-round protection.

It’s also designed to be durable and safe, offering shock absorption for any serious impacts and vibrations from equipment. Our INS Gym PUR is provided to improve the performance of athletes but can also prevent the transfer of sounds, creating a more comfortable environment.

One of the main benefits of the INS Gym PUR is that it’s made from recyclable materials, providing additional bounce and underfoot comfort. As well as this, the process to install the leisure flooring is quick and easy.

You’ll find the INS GYM PUR in an assortment of colours, including Saffron Yellow C1017, Antique Pink C3014, Stone Grey C7030 and many more.

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