Under Screed Resilient Acoustic Layer

At INS Acoustics, we supply the acoustic resilient layer in several variations. We accommodate the needs and wants of all domestic and commercial applications, providing you with an acoustic resilient layer for beneath screeds.

Our under screed resilient acoustic layer can be used for all screed types and allows you to control insulation and vibration effectively.

Acousticork Underscreed

Acousticork Underscreed U22.pdf

Acousticork Underscreed U32.pdf

Acousticork Underscreed U85.pdf

The Acousticork Underscreed is renowned for its long-term performance and sound dampening properties. It can isolate screeds to prevent the transfer of impact and airborne sound.

In terms of installation, the Acousticork acoustic resilient layer is straightforward, requiring little to no downtime. Like any of the acoustic under screeds, the Acousticork range is easy to handle and flexible, suiting your specific requirements.

They’re also 100% recyclable and cost-effective, so you needn’t worry about finding the best value for money.

INSpira IsoSlab

iNSpira IsoSlab HighLoad.PDF

iNSpira IsoSlab Soft.PDF

The INSpira IsoSlab is designed to be unique, making it ideal for any domestic or commercial installation.

This under screed resilient layer is used under any cementitious screeds to offer outstanding strength and support. When it comes to meeting building regulations, the INSpira IsoSlab enables you to do so, hence why it’s used for new builds and refurbishment projects.

As well as this, it’s designed to meet all robust standards, providing you with a reliable solution for isolation. Our INSpira IsoSlab has an elastic layer which provides a high acoustic level.

At INS Acoustics, we supply the IsoSlab in high and low loads, so you needn’t worry about finding a suitable under screed for your property.

Like any of the under screed resilient acoustic layers, the IsoSlab is easy to handle which makes the installation process much simpler. It’s also made to offer high resilience, ensuring that sound is absorbed effectively.

iNSpira Acoustic Impact Foam


The impact foam is perfect for any applications that require shock absorption. Our impact foam has a closed cell structure which makes it easier to work with.

We supply the INSpira acoustic impact foam in 5mm rolls and 10mm rolls, allowing you to soundproof your property efficiently. The impact foam acts as a barrier for sounds, preventing any impact noise from travelling through the structure and causing a disturbance.

Providing isolation, the INSpira acoustic impact foam is ideal for properties that require thermal and sound insulation.

One of the main benefits of the under screed resilient acoustic layer is that it’s a high performing soundproofing material that’s guaranteed to reduce footfall noise.

The impact foam rolls are lightweight and easy to handle, they can be fitted beneath screed quickly. If you’re looking for a cost-effective acoustic impact foam, you cannot go wrong with the INSpira acoustic resilient layer we provide at INS Acoustics!

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