Wood Floating ‘Acoustic’ Floor

Here at INS Acoustics, we supply the Model RIM System which is a floating wood floor. This simply means that it’s a surface layer, resting on an acoustic underlay. This type of flooring requires no glue, nails or staples, making it one of the easiest products to work with!
The floating floorboards attach to each other rather than the subfloor, therefore creating extra bounce and spring.

Typically, the acoustic timber floating floor system is used in recording studios and dance studios alike, along with other areas that are used for performing and require sound insulation.  The wooden floating floor isolates the floor from the surroundings, therefore allowing you to cushion any excessive volumes.

The acoustic floating floors timber is designed to be robust and sturdy. We supply the Model RIM System to suit any new builds or refurbishment projects, making it easier for you to retain a constant frequency. The floating wood floor “floats” over the subfloor to prevent the transmission of sounds and vibrations.

Product Information

RIM-W Floating Floor (General).pdf
Model KIP Isolator.pdf
Vibro-EP Floating Floor.pdf
Vibro-EP Technical Specifications.pdf
Vibro-EP Installation Guide.pdf

Technical Data Sheets

KIP Submittal.pdf
KIP Natural Frequency Vs Static Deflection Curves.pdf
KIP Static Load Deflection Curves.pdf
RIM-W Installation Guide.pdf