Air Spring Mounts

INS Acoustics’ air spring mounts are suitable for situations requiring increased deflection and natural frequencies as low as 3Hz. The high stability and reliability of this mount is perfect for use in isolating high sensitive equipment and machinery that is subjected to low frequency shock and/or vibration.

SLM Pneumatic Isolator

The SLM Pneumatic Isolator is a low height, low stiffness air spring suitable for both passive and dynamic applications where a support natural frequency of 3 - 5 Hz is required. Typical passive applications include the protection of vibration sensitive equipment such as co-ordinate measuring machines, metrology inspection devices, isolation tables and electron microscopes.

Dynamic applications such as power presses, compressors and high-speed punch presses should use the SLM-D series with viscose damping. The SLM Isolator has a Neoprene Rubber body with steel reinforcing hoops, aluminium base plate and a steel or aluminium top support plate complete with a tapped hole. Inflation is either through the "moulded in" standard tyre valve or by connection to a permanent air supply.


  • Air spring isolator with integral heavy wall construction.

  • Deflection transfers shock to outer wall.

  • Will not “bottom out“.

  • Continued support & isolation even with no air pressure.

  • Combined resiliency and air prevents high static deflection, drift or permanent set.

  • Extends machinery life.

  • Wide load range available.

  • Low maintenance.


A vibration site survey/analysis will determine the levels of vibration existing at your site, which is essential for proper vibration control recommendations to be made. Please contact INS Acoustics for assistance with your particular application or if you would like information regarding a vibration site survey.

Some typical SLM Mount applications include:

  • Surface Plates

  • Coordinate Measuring Machines

  • Fans

  • Air Compressors

  • Motor / Generator Sets

  • High Speed Punch Presses