Small Machinery Mounts

Small Machinery Mounts are specially conceived for vibration isolation. They are used for the attenuation of vibrations, reducing structure-borne noise. These new products are used for the anti-vibration mount of household appliances like washing machines, loudspeakers, musical instruments and mounting systems of computer equipment.

TSR + Sylomer Range®

TSR + Sylomer Mount Range.pdf

The type TSR + Sylomer mounts incorporate a resilient polyurethane compound for anti-vibration purposes called Sylomer®. The TSR mounts can be fixed mechanically thanks to the central M8 threaded hole that is welded to a metal part that incorporates an anti-corrosive coating (RoHs approved).

The above Chloroprene based rubber that is bonded to the metal acts as an anti-skid surface, for those applications where a mechanical fixation is not possible to be made. This layer provides an additional anti-corrosive protection. In order to match the application, 6 different densities are supplied.