Weight-Enhanced Acoustic Barrier Type WB

Acoustic Barrier Type WB.pdf

The Weight Enhanced Acoustic Barrier is just one of the solutions that we provide at INS Acoustics, to prevent any unwanted volumes. This acoustic barrier is a high-density thermoplastic polymer with mineral fillers. Our acoustic barrier is available in black and is designed to be recyclable, making them highly sustainable!

An acoustic barrier like the Type WB acts as a noise curtain or can be used to absorb sounds from floors, walls and ceilings. We supply this acoustic barrier to reduce the transmission of impact and airborne sounds, along with any excess vibrations.

The main purpose of this soundproof barrier is to prevent noise pollution effectively, could you benefit today?


In terms of installation, the Weight Enhanced Acoustic Barrier is easy. This acoustic barrier is designed to be versatile, so when it comes to fitting it to affected areas, you can either install it directly or with a spaced layer.

Our noise attenuation barrier is mechanically fixed in place using pins, hangers, banding and bonding but can also be held in place with a self-adhesive.

We supply the WB Acoustic Barrier with a self-adhesive backing, for this, the surface needs to be kept clean and free from dust and grease. Although our acoustic barrier can be fitted with a self-adhesive back, it should not be relied on by any means, the barriers require extra stability and support to be held in place securely.


You’ll notice that we supply the noise attenuation barrier in sheet and roll form, making it easier for you to install to the affected area. What’s more, this barrier is easy to cut which also makes the installation process easier.

The flexibility of the barrier is an advantage on its own. It’s also easy to handle and available in a choice of weights.

When it comes to choosing a cost-effective barrier, you cannot go wrong with the Type WB barrier that we supply, here at Inspired Noise.

Weight-enhanced Acoustic Barrier Type WB-EPDM/BS

Acoustic Barrier Type WB EPDM.pdf

At INS Acoustics, we are proud to supply the WB-EPDM/BS acoustic barrier. As a flexible acoustic barrier, you could easily benefit from the weight enhanced acoustic barriers that we provide!

Like any of the products that we have available, this acoustic barrier is one of the easiest products to handle and maximises sound absorbing properties.

We recommend this type of acoustic barrier for those looking for a noise curtain or as a composite combination for soundproofing mats. The noise attenuation barrier is not only used for soundproofing mats but can also be used for flooring, ceilings and walls, reducing the transmission of unwanted sounds.

As well as this, the weight enhanced acoustic barrier is perfect for pipeline applications, ensuring that they are held in place securely, preventing any movement and excess volumes.


When it comes to installing the acoustic barriers, we make sure that our products are quick and easy. Depending on your intended application, the soundproof barrier can be installed directly to the noise source or with a spaced layer.

This acoustic barrier can be held in place by mechanical means, whether it be hangers and pins or banding and bonding. Although some of our products incorporate a solvent based acrylic adhesive, this isn’t to say that you don’t need to support the barrier mechanically.


If you’re looking for acoustic barriers for your industrial environment, you cannot go wrong with the WB-EPDM/BS that we supply! This acoustic barrier is easy to handle, making it easier for you to work with and install.

Due to the flexibility of the weight enhanced barrier, it’s perfect for an array of applications, allowing you to choose a sound barrier that is not only suitable for cushioning any excess volumes but appropriate for your budget requirements too.

Acoustic Barriers

The INS acoustic barrier is just one of the products that you can expect to find, here at INS Acoustics. We supply the acoustic barrier to reduce the transfer of sounds through the roof, walls and floors.

Our barriers are designed to reduce airborne and impact noises and can either be draped across equipment, suspended in quiet areas or lagged to equipment. The effective barriers are guaranteed to suit any noisy environment.


INS acoustic barriers have a wide range of applications; making it inevitable for you to find products to suit your industrial setting. Acting as a sound curtain, the acoustic barrier is extremely versatile.

Whether it be for pipe and duct noise lagging or noise barriers for ceilings, INS are confident that you’ll find a suitable solution for minimising volumes. Our INS acoustic barriers are also used for wall and door septums, allowing you to open and close doors quietly and easily.


Here at INS Acoustics, we supply the acoustic barriers to accommodate some of the most diverse demands; offering all customers with a suitable solution for industrial noise control. The lightweight design of the acoustic barriers makes them somewhat more desirable; meaning that they are not only easy to handle but easy to install too.

Choosing an acoustic barrier will provide sound insulation, ultimately creating a comfortable working environment. At INS Acoustics, we supply acoustic barriers for industrial noise control to ensure that you find a complete solution for keeping volumes to a minimum but most importantly, we can offer a cost-efficient method for reducing the transmission of sounds.

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