Sound Insulation - Laminates

When it comes to controlling the noise in industrial environments, you needn’t look any further than INS Acoustics! Providing soundproof solutions to suit a wide range of customers, we ensure that you find suitable products that not only suit the requirements of your project but your budget too.

Laminate Sound Insulation

Here at INS Acoustics, we provide Laminate Sound Insulation to reduce impact sounds beneath laminate floorings. Our solution for Acoustic Laminate Noise Reduction is designed to offer thermal insulation and flexibility, essentially enhancing your standard of living.

We supply various Acoustic Foams that can prevent the transfer of unwanted sounds with laminate floors, so why not consider one of the following:

INS (Class ‘O’) Acoustic Foam

INS Class O Polyurethane Non Flammable Foam.pdf

The INS Class O Polyurethane Non Flammable Foam is a fire retardant foam that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its non-irritant characteristics make it safe and easy to install and it’s also designed to meet British Building Regulations.

You can benefit from this type of Laminate Sound Insulation in a number of ways, one of these being that it’s available in sheet and roll form. The flexibility of the foam makes it easy to cut and is supplied in a choice of facings.

Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam Type FR25

Acoustic Foam Type FR25.pdf

Another Acoustic Foam that can be used to reduce the noise between laminate floors is the FR25. This is a versatile acoustic foam that is often used for machine enclosures, doors and walls, not forgetting partitions.

To enhance this further, why not pair the FR25 with a dampening sheet which is ideal for curved and complex shapes? Like many of the other Acoustic Laminate Sound Noise Reduction solutions, the Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam is available with a self-adhesive backing which makes it somewhat more convenient for you.

INS Acousti-lag Foam Laminates

Acousti-lag Foam Laminates.pdf

Our INS Acousti-lag Foam Laminate Sound Insulation has an isolating layer and a layer that absorbs any unwanted sounds. The Acoustic Laminate Noise Reduction creates a barrier against flames and vapours too.

The INS Acousti-lag Foam Laminate also meets Class O of the building regulations but is used as a treatment for ductwork. Using this Acoustic Foam will allow you to reduce the passage of breakout noise.

One of the benefits of this Acoustic Laminate Noise Reduction is that it’s quick and easy to install and can be applied as a single layer treatment, providing fire resistance and temperature stability.

INS Acousti-lag Pipe Lag Type FL

INS Acousti-lag Pipe Lag Type FL.pdf

The Ins Acousti-lag Pipe Type FL is available in a wide range of formats, varying weights and barrier types. You could also benefit from a choice of thicknesses, so you needn’t worry about finding something that suits your performance needs.

We recommend this Acoustic Insulation for any rainwater pipes, pneumatic and hydraulic pipes because it provides thermal insulation.

Mineral Fibre Slabs Type MF

Mineral Fibre Slabs Type MF.pdf

The Mineral Fibre Slabs are perfect for almost any building or industrial applications. In addition to this, the MF Acoustic Slabs are ideal for acoustic ceilings, partition panels, walls and floors, making them especially versatile.

Our Acoustic Laminate Noise Reduction slabs are supplied curved or flat, depending on which suits your requirements best, but they both offer resistance to fire and temperature and are chemically inert.

For more information about Laminate Sound Insulation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!