INS (Class ‘O’) Acoustic Foam

INS Class O Polyurethane Non Flammable Foam.pdf


The HVAC sound insulation systems are supplied to suit the requirements of buildings lacking efficiency. They provide effective insulation and enhance acoustic performance. As well as this, our HVAC vibration isolators can also improve the efficiency of your building, preventing vibrations.

The HVAC vibration isolators are versatile; they can be used for various applications, depending on their design, installation and equipment power.

They’re used for acoustic engineering, acoustic enclosures, acoustic wall panels and anechoic chambers. These products are also ideal for internal and external duct linings and are used as suspended ceiling absorptive panels.


Our soundproofing products are easy to use and provide a practical solution for reducing volumes. The simple installation of HVAC sound insulation could instantly reduce the transmission of sounds, isolating vibrations and protecting equipment.

One of the main benefits of the HVAC vibration isolators is that it’s highly efficient and compact, providing you with a space saving solution for soundproofing your property.

The HVAC vibration isolators are designed to enhance comfort within any property and are CFC and HCFC free.

You’ll find the INS acoustic foam in a wide range of facings, allowing you to choose only the most suitable products for your application.

Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam Type FR25

Acoustic Foam Type FR25.pdf


Generally, the INS FR25 acoustic foam is used to absorb airborne sounds. Its non-flammable design makes it more versatile than any other acoustic foam that we supply.

We recommend the FR25 to thermally insulate your property. As a highly resilient material, the fire retardant acoustic foam is ideal for various applications, including boat engines, air conditioning ducts and machinery doors.

Our fire retardant acoustic foam is a non-dusting and flexible foam that offers excellent sound absorption.


Here at INS Acoustics, we supply the acoustic foam in sheet form, making it easier for you to cut. What’s more; the HVAC vibration isolators are designed to be easy to handle and easy to cut to shape and size.

Our fire retardant acoustic foam is also suitable for any complex shapes and curved surfaces, offering a reliable solution for sound absorption.

To make it more convenient for you, the fire retardant acoustic foam is supplied with self-adhesive backing and various other backings.

Mineral Fibre Slabs Type MF

Mineral Fibre Slabs Type MF.pdf


The mineral fibre slabs are renowned for their exceptional acoustic performance and reliability.

As a versatile material, the INS MF mineral fibre slabs are suitable for almost any building or industrial application. This acoustic material is suitable for acoustic ceilings, industrial enclosures and partition panels, as well as, walls floors and roofs.

We supply the INS MF mineral fibre slabs either flat or curved so you needn’t worry about finding something to suit your exact requirements!


The INS MF mineral fibre slabs are designed to soundproof areas within your residential property or commercial building. They provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and are arguably one of the easiest materials to work with.

Our mineral fibre slabs are quick and easy to install and are also resistant to fire and exceedingly high temperatures. These slabs are guaranteed to provide you with the best value for your money; not only are they are vermin and rot proof, they are also chemically inert and CFC and HFC free.

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