Acoustic Insulation - Machine Covers

Here at INS Acoustics, we can provide you with a simple yet effective method for reducing the noise in noisy environments. Understandably, a noise-free environment will enable you to boost the productivity of your workforce and create a barrier against unwanted sound.

Leading the way in sound and heat control, INS Acoustics supplies a complete range of high-quality products that are technically advanced. We pride ourselves in providing a unique solution for even the harshest of environments- could you benefit from one of the Acoustic Covers that we provide?

Acoustic Insulation Covers

The Acoustic Covers are used when noisy environments are a problem, either providing a distraction or disturbance for those in the working environment.

Our Acoustic Machine Cover is designed to absorb, dampen and reflect sounds to allow you to control volumes, ensuring that they are kept to a minimum. As a result of the covers being made from light materials, they are much easier to handle, meaning that you can easily cover or uncover machines with them.

Choosing the Machine Noise Reduction Covers will enable you to minimise the sound of noisy machines, ultimately enhancing acoustic performance.

Applications of Machine Noise Reduction

The Machine Noise Reduction solutions are ideal for a wide range of applications, but they tend to be used mostly in industrial environments that are seemingly noisy. An Acoustic Machine Cover will ensure that the volume is kept to an overall minimum.

We can provide the covers for almost any of the following:

·         Acoustic Engineering

·         Acoustic Enclosures

·         Acoustic Wall Panels

·         Anechoic Chambers

·         Internal and External Duct Linings

·         Thermal and Acoustic Machine Coverings

·         Suspended Ceiling Absorptive Panels

At INS Acoustics, we provide Acoustic Covers in several variations, making it inevitable for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. The INS Acoustic Foam (Class O) is available in sheet or roll form and is designed to be flexible which makes it easier for you to work with. This Acoustic Machine Cover is also CFC and HCFC free and is designed to meet strict Building Regulations.

The INS Acoustic Foam Facings are also available. These provide resistance to fluids and are best used in clean rooms or computer rooms that need to remain free from dust. To make it easier for you, these covers are easy to wipe clean and are resistant to fire, water, oil and petrol, as well as detergents.

Other Acoustic Covers include the Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam Type FR25 which is used for machinery enclosures. As a flexible Acoustic Cover, the FR25 is renowned for excellent sound absorption and like the INS Acousti-lag Foam Laminates, the Fire Retardant Covers are quick and easy to install and provide excellent acoustic performance.

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