Acoustic Lagging

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Acoustic lagging is just one of the products that we supply for industrial noise control, here at INS Acoustics. It’s a flexible, three-part laminate that is made up of an isolating layer, heavy mass layer and outer frame barrier. Each layer meets Class O of the Building Regulations, providing you with the peace of mind that they are safe to use.

Applications for INS Acousti-Lag Acoustic Lagging

The INS Acousti-Lag is a highly efficient material that is guaranteed to reduce the noise. We supply this material to help industries control noise, ensuring that volumes are kept to a minimum and that any excessive sounds are cushioned.

You can use the INS Acousti-Lag for any ductwork, pipes and enclosures, providing a layer of insulation for various applications. Our pipe lagging can be used to prevent damage to water pipes too.


When it comes to installing the INS Acousti-Lag, we make sure that it’s quick and easy to do so, saving you time and effort. The material has an exceptional acoustic performance for a single layer treatment, allowing you to create an industrial environment that is comfortable to work in.

Other benefits of the INS Acousti-Lag are that it is designed to resist fire and can stabilise temperature. As a highly durable material, this material is guaranteed to improve the acoustics within your industrial property and offers low thermal conductivity.

INS Acousti-lag Foam Laminates

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This is a four-part laminate that is used beneath a layer of sound insulation. Consisting of two spacers (isolating layers), a heavy mass and vapour barrier, the INS Acousti-Lag Foam Laminate is extremely flexible, making it one of the easiest products to install to your industrial setting.


The INS Acousti-Lag Foam is perfect for various applications. We supply this laminate for suspended ceilings, partition infills and the baffles/stumps in between offices. Our Lag foam is ideal for any enclosures or similar applications, ultimately enabling you to prevent any excessive volumes.


Suiting a complete range of applications, our lagging foam is ideal for controlling the noise within your noisy, industrial environment. What’s more, we make sure that the INS Acousti-Lag Foam is easy to install- even for beginners!

As a single layer treatment, the lagging foam is especially cost-efficient, allowing you to receive the best value for your money. Our foam laminates offer a low level of toxicity, meaning that you can benefit from laminates that are not only easy to lay but safe to use.

INS Acousti-Lag Pipe Lag Type FL

INS Acousti-lag Pipe Lag Type FL.pdf

This is yet another four-part laminate that we are proud to supply, here at INS Acoustics. Our industrial lagging incorporates two isolating layers of the Polyurethane acoustic foam, which is separated by the heavy mass acoustic layer.

We supply the Pipe Lag in various weights, masses and thicknesses, so you needn’t worry about finding products to suit your performance needs.


The purpose of the INS Acousti-Lag Pipe is to prevent energy loss. Our pipe ducting is considered to be a highly effective treatment for various applications, including the following:

·         Rainwater pipes

·         Pneumatic and Hydraulic pipes

·         Wastewater pipes

·         Steam pipes.

The product is ideal for commercial, construction and industrial applications and is best used when fibre erosion isn’t acceptable.


One of the main benefits of the INS Acousti-Lag Pipe Lag Type FL is its ability to offer high performance, no matter what you’re intended application is.

As well as this, our pipe lagging is designed to be easy to use, it’s applied as a single dry treatment that can be installed quickly and efficiently, providing you with the reassurance that volumes are minimised.

With the INS Acousti-Lag Pipe, you can benefit from pipe lagging that is resistant to extreme temperatures and fire.

Mineral Fibre Slabs Type MF

Mineral Fibre Slabs Type MF.pdf

Here at INS Acoustics, our Mineral Fibre Slabs are perfect for a wide range of acoustic applications, including building and industrial applications. The high performing Mineral Fibre Slabs offer thermal and acoustic absorption.

The Mineral Fibre Slabs have a Class O foil facing and are made from long mineral fibre strands.


There are countless ways in which the Mineral Fibre can be used; take acoustic ceilings for instance. When installed to acoustic ceilings, the Mineral Slabs are extremely versatile and offer great thermal and acoustic insulation.

In addition to this, the product can be used for partition panels, walls, floors and roofs, as well as, ductwork, industrial enclosures and boilers. They can also be used for heat exchangers and are supplied flat or curved to suit your exact specification.


In terms of installation, the Mineral Fibre industrial lagging is one of the easiest. Offering fire and temperature resistance, this material is used for many different applications.

It’s also chemically inert, vermin and rot proof, providing you with a long-lasting solution for insulating your environment. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative for thermal and acoustic insulation, the Mineral Fibre Slabs Type MF is ideal!

For more information about any of the industrial acoustic products that we supply, call us on 0151 677 8650 today!