Acoustic ducting insulation can be used for countless applications including acoustic engineering, enclosures and wall panels. As well as this, the duct sound insulation can also be used in an anechoic chamber where reflections and sounds are absorbed completely.

The duct sound insulation is also ideal for thermal and acoustic machine coverings and can limit the transfer of sound. The main purpose of the ductwork noise reduction insulation wrap is to combat impact and airborne sounds and can be used for internal and external duct linings.

Our duct sound insulation systems are suitable for commercial and residential applications; so, no matter what you’re looking for, you can bet we have it!


The duct sound insulation systems provide several benefits; one of the main ones being that they are easy to work with and easy to install. They have the ability to tackle excessive volumes to create a comfortable environment.

Designed to be lightweight, the ductwork noise reduction installation wrap can prevent unwanted levels of heat and volumes, providing you with a high-performance solution. Our acoustic foam is designed to last, hence why it incorporates properties of exceptional durability and flexibility.

At INS Acoustics, we supply the ductwork noise reduction insulation wrap in sheet and roll form, allowing you to choose something practical. The acoustic foam wrap is available in several facings too, including self-adhesive, glass cloth, melinex and Class ‘O’.

INS (Class ‘O’) Acoustic Foam Facings

INS Class 'O' Polyurethane Non Flammable Foam.pdf

The INS Class O acoustic foam is used to provide resistance to fluids and chemicals reliably. This acoustic foam is best used in computer rooms and other clean environments because it ensures that the environment remains free from dust.

As well as this, the Class O acoustic foam is used within engine compartments and is arguably one of the easiest materials to install.

We supply the foam facings in a choice of materials to ensure that you choose only the most suitable for your application. The acoustic foam is easily cut to shape and is extremely flexible.

Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam Type FR25

Acoustic Foam Type FR25.pdf

If you’re looking for ductwork noise reduction insulation wrap, you cannot go wrong with the FR25 that we supply, here at INS! As a flexible acoustic foam, the FR25 is simple to use and can suit even the most diverse requirements.

It incorporates a high density and combines acoustic and fire resistant properties to absorb sounds through ducts and vents.

Our flexible retardant acoustic foam is suitable for any heavy or noisy machinery, it absorbs sounds and limits the transmission of sounds and energy.