INS (Class ‘O’) Acoustic Foam

INS Class O Polyurethane Non Flammable Foam.pdf

INS acoustic foam is highly fire retardant class “O” accredited cellular acoustic foam which may be used in many applications. With its flexibility and non-irritant characteristics INS ‘Class O’ acoustic foam is a safe and easy to install product designed to meet the stringent requirements of British Building Regulations. Dark grey/black in colour, it is CFC and HCFC free.


  • Acoustic Engineering

  • Acoustic Enclosures

  • Acoustic Wall Panels

  • Anechoic Chambers

  • Internal and external duct linings

  • Thermal & acoustic machine coverings

  • Suspended ceiling absorptive panels


  • Available in sheet or roll form

  • Flexible and easily cut

  • CFC and HCFC free

  • Available with various facings including self- adhesive, melinex, Class ‘O’ foil and glass cloth

INS (Class ‘O’) Acoustic Foam Facings

INS Class O Polyurethane Non Flammable Foam Facings.pdf

INS Class O acoustic foam with an S-V1 coating is employed where a resistance to fluids and chemicals is required. Ideal for clean room and computer room applications where a dust free environment is specified. Where INS Class O acoustic foam is used for internal and external duct linings, the S-V1 surface treatment provides an effective barrier to water especially at ductwork inlet sections. S-V1 is applied to INS Class O acoustic foam for engine room applications such as under bonnets and in engine compartments.


  • Fire resistant polymeric coating

  • Surface can be easily wiped clean

  • Improves durability

  • Provides resistance to water, oil, petrol, diesel, and detergents

  • Large improvement to mid frequency acoustic performance

Fire Retardant Acoustic Foam Type FR25

Acoustic Foam Type FR25.pdf


INS FR25 acoustic foam is typically used for machinery enclosures, doors, walls, partitions and air conditioning ducts. It is also ideal for insulating cabs of industrial vehicles and enclosures for vehicle and boat engines. For wall and machinery enclosures, the acoustic performance of INS FR25 can be dramatically enhanced when used in combination with DS damping sheet. FR25 is a non-dusting and flexible acoustic foam that provides excellent sound absorption.


  • Available in sheet form

  • Flexible and easily cut

  • Easy to handle and install

  • Suitable for curved surfaces or complex shapes

  • Available with a self-adhesive backing

  • Available with various backings including self- adhesive backing

INS Acousti-lag Foam Laminates

Acousti-lag Foam Laminates.pdf

NS Acousti-lag FL incorporates a spacer or isolating layer, a heavy mass layer, an absorptive outer layer, and an outer flame / vapour barrier which meets Class ‘O’ of the UK Building Regulations. Being of a laminated construction it overcomes the need for a separate isolation layer normally equired beneath most forms of acoustic lagging or isolated acoustic barriers.


INS Acousti-lag FL Foam Laminates are a highly efficient acoustic treatment for ductwork, suspended ceilings, infills for partitions and baffles between offices, enclosures and similar outer treatment applications where a considerable reduction in the passage of breakout noise is required.


  • Easy and quick to apply

  • Excellent acoustic performance

  • Applied as a single layer treatment

  • Excellent fire resistance & temperature stability

  • Available in various formats to suit application

  • Low thermal conductivity

  • Low toxicity

INS Acousti-lag Marine

INS Acousti-lag Marine.pdf

INS Acousti-lag Marine is a well proven product consisting of a four part laminate including two acoustic isolating layers or spacers of INS Class ‘O’ acoustic foam, separated by a heavy mass layer of acoustic grade lead, with the laminate being faced with a Class ‘O’ foil facing. INS Acousti-lag Marine is available in a range of formats by varying the weight of the mass barrier and also a selection of three thicknesses of spacer layers to suit the performance required.


INS Acousti-lag Marine is a highly efficient acoustic treatment designed for marine on-board applications, specifically where noise suppression, low toxicity, non flammability and smoke emission are specified. Being a flexible and versatile product, it is ideal for a range of applications throughout any vessel including engine rooms, accommodation areas, bulkheads and under decking.


  • Easy and quick to apply.

  • Excellent acoustic performance.

  • Applied as a single dry treatment.

  • Excellent fire resistance & temperature stability.

  • Low thermal conductivity.

  • Low toxicity.

  • Prevents oil mist absorption.